Dear visitor, welcome! You find yourself on the website of Evocation Music Publishing. Since spring 2015 we publish and distribute, as well as music publisher Iduna, Eugène den Hoed’s guitar arrangements and compositions. Meanwhile, 11 new titles have already appeared under the label of EMP.

eugene_aboutEver since he was very young, Eugène den Hoed (1946) has always been fascinated by music, especially for the guitar. He took among others classical guitar classes at the Brabants Conservatory, from Balthazar Benitez.

He worked as a teacher at the muziekschool (now CKB) for many years as well, in his home town Bergen op Zoom. He played the electric guitar for many years in different bands and played classical music in a variety of chambermusic ensembles. He is active as composer/arranger for the classical guitar, and his own works and arrangements are published by Iduna as well as Evocation Music Publishing (since 2015). Iduna has also published ten CD’s with Eugène’s music, recorded by himself. Nowadays, his complete works comprise about 432 published pieces for the classical guitar.

foto Koen

The technical part of EMP is handled by me, Koen Schellens. Having finished the gymnasium in 2014, I went on to study Business Informatics at Avans University in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. During my last years of high school, I started taking classical guitar lessons from Eugène. During those years we started recording Eugène’s music on video for the first time, which after years grew and became a complete webshop, as well as a modest publishing house in which Eugène and I are both partners.

With the same amount of passion as Eugène has for the guitar, I built this website and keep it operational. In addition to EMP, I do small webdevelopment for both companies and individuals.