There are three possible ways of ordering our music;

  1. A physical copy of your preferred book. These are slightly more expensive, because of the additional print- and shipping costs. Below every book, you find two prices. The higher price is the physical book, the lower price is a digital copy.
  2. A digital copy of the book. These copies are slightly cheaper, because of ommitted print- and shipping costs. You’ll recieve a digital copy in your mailbox (in PDF-form), which you’ll be able to print out. NB: after your initial purchase, you have seven days to download your music. After this time, the download expires.
  3. Separate digital pieces. At EMP, we offer the possibility to buy single music pieces from a book, excerpts so to speak. These are available at the fixed price of €0,99, and you’ll receive them (like the digital music books) in your inbox in the form of a PDF. Again, your download expires after seven days.

There are several ways to checkout at EMP:

  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer. You’ll have to transfer the cost of your order manually to our account, should the options listed above cause you any trouble. As soon as we’ve received your payment, we’ll ship your order.