Evocation Music Publishing (first four books)
Muziekuitgeverij Iduna (Campo Tribute)

Strong pieces for the adventurous
This Dutch composer has written many works from beginner material to advanced, and, truly, all of it worth playing. Here are quick looks at some of his latest:

Short Impressions is a set of 12 pieces in a moderately modern style and of only medium difficulty; great pieces for your pupils, with no hackneyed sequences, but rather many interesting ideas and themes.







Evocations Part 3 (Nos. 13-20) continue a fine set of pieces, again not too modern, but with some fascinating details and almost folk-like modal melodies at times.






Guitarayando, a sonata in four move-ments, is more difficult but just as musically diverse. Its considerable length would suit any advanced player who wants something modern but still eminently understandable, harmonically speaking.







Mozart Hommage is in three movements and comes out sounding like the sonata you never knew Mozart wrote for guitar—very 18th-cen-tury in style throughout; an elegant piece aimed at the somewhat advanced player. Quite different from the other pieces here.






Finally, Campo Tribute—dedicated to Uruguayan guitar master Abel Carlevaro– is inspired by Carievaros’ oft-performed Preludios Americanos No. 3 “Campo,” and has many areas where one can recognize the comparison. It’s a substantial work of considerable charm with many lovely moments and again, a very likeable style.
All the volumes are wonderfully pro-duced and make a great addition to any adventurous guitarist’s library. —CD